How To Use Royal Honey?

  • You can enjoy one sachet (packet) daily or every other day after a meal. Most men enjoy consuming one packet after dinner by squeezing the content into their mouths, then it is advised to drink one or two glasses of pure water.
  • It is normal to wait 15-60 minutes to feel the effects of the Honey (Timing varies due to the individual’s blood circulation). Once the effects of the honey commences, you are ready to actualize your dreams of intimacy with your partner in bed.
  • One sachet can leave a man potent for at least 48 hours. Effectiveness may differ from person to person.
  • Side Effects: There are no adverse side effects or negative symptoms using Honey but it is not advised to be used by kidney failure, heart diseases chronic hypertension, ischemia, and children under 18 years old.